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November 2022 Newsletter

Theme Parks: Which is the best?

Disney World is ten miles from my house. I go there at least fifty times a year just to walk. From exciting rides to food festivals to amazing theming, Disney spares no expense. It sets a high standard for all other parks to meet.
Universal is growing by leaps and bounds—its new park opening in 2025. It’s safe to say Universal appeals more to teenagers than Disney does. Harry Potter is definitely worth visiting.
Disneyland Paris is smaller than its US counterpart, but it has its own charm. With fewer main streets and more paths that branch off, it’s nice to get away from the crowds and just enjoy the surroundings.
Europa Park in Rust, Germany, is an unexpected delight. Similar to Disney but less manicured, there’s so much to see. Each of Europe’s eighteen countries has their own areas with their own rides, restaurants, and beautiful theming. Unlike Disney, there are numerous areas for children to play in, and picnic tables in shaded areas for people to sit and chat.
Secrets Dark and Deep
TV anchor, Maddie Caldecott, has a secret so deeply buried within that she doesn’t remember it. But the man called Absalom knows her secret, and his threats to exact his revenge are becoming more and more intrusive. As an investigative reporter, Maddie can dig out the truth of any story, but she can’t unearth the secret she’s blocked until it’s too late.
Police Detective, Brody Messner, is at his wits end. How can he protect Maddie if she resists his every suggestion? His need to protect her has become personal. From Orlando to Zürich, he follows her, trying to stay one step ahead of her assailant—all of Absalom’s notes to her, and the song.
Meet Carol Nemeth
Selah Finalist for The Chemist, Carol Nemeth is a native North Carolinian, who has always loved reading and making up stories since childhood. She began writing in junior high school. As a young adult, she worked in the National Park Service and served in the US Army where she was stationed in Pisa, Italy. While there she met the love of her life, Mark Nemeth, who also served in the Army. They’ve lived in various locations including North Yorkshire, England. Now living in West Virginia, they enjoy RVing and traveling to do research for her books. They have two grown children, Matt and Jennifer, a son-in-law, Flint, a daughter-in-law, Holly, and three amazing grandchildren, Martin, Ava, and Gage.
A multi-published author of fourteen books and multiple short stories, Carol is blessed to be an Amazon #1 bestselling author and an ACFW Carol Award Semi-finalist as well as an American Bookfest finalist. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Faith, Hope & Love Christian Writers. She writes romantic suspense, both historical and contemporary. Her goal is to write stories that will be entertaining and enjoyable while at the same time uplifting and faith-building. May Christ always be glorified.
New Release!!! Discovering Elena
A little wooden chest

A tiny baby’s hat, old faded photos and a half of a metal medallion.

Kate Cigler’s grandmother just passed leaving her the family bakery. On the day of the funeral, her two great-aunts handed her the little chest and an address in Wyoming. “You must go, Katarina. Discover your mother’s past secrets.” Secrets? Mother had secrets? But Mother had been a simple baker in small-town Ohio. Before she had died years ago, why hadn’t she told Kate her secrets? Why now? What would Kate find in Wyoming to shed light on her mother’s past? What did the clues in the chest mean? Who were the military men with her mother in the faded photos? And why did she look so happy with one and so unhappy with the other?
Dread filled her as she stared at the second one. That uniform. Why was Mother standing next to him?
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