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May 2022 Newsletter

Let’s go on a ‘Feed’ Trip to Paris!
Sherri Stewart
Five things that might surprise
you about meals in France
1. Breakfasts are usually a tartine (bread served with butter and jam) and a hot drink. Croissants are for the weekend.
2. The entrée is the appetizer, not the main meal. It’s usually soup or pâté with bread.
3. French people rarely snack. They eat almost everything with a knife and fork, including a hamburger and a piece of fruit.
4. Dinners in France usually start at eight or later (yawn).
5. Salads are often eaten after the main course, and a cheese board and bread serve as dessert.
Très Chic  
by Sherri Stewart
Nicole has her eye on the passenger in 3B on her weekly New York-to-Paris flights. He doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to marry him. That is, if he can satisfy her list of the ten attributes of a perfect husband. Her friend Sal sets out to prove to her that lists don’t work when it comes to love, and he’s willing to help her win over the elusive passenger in order to prove his point. When push comes to shove, will the list prevail or fail?
Meet Author, Diane Tatum!
The Disappearing Diaspora is Book #5 in Diane E. Tatum’s Main Street Mysteries series and her fifteenth book with Winged Publications. Like Dorie, Diane grew up in St. Louis County. She began writing in elementary school. Her first published book Gold Earrings began as a short story in a high school creative writing class. Diane taught middle school for eleven years. She retired from teaching public school when her husband told her to “come home and write your stories,” and bought her a laptop. Diane writes her stories and has been an adjunct professor of English at the local community college. She is supported by her family: husband Ken, two sons and daughters-in-law, and four young grandsons. Diane’s home in Tullahoma, Tennessee, includes a 6-year-old retired racing greyhound named Iggy.
Diane E. Tatum’s Recent Release:
The Disappearing Diaspora
Daelin High School alumni are returning to Daelin for a mega-reunion involving five graduating classes. Those grads who left Daelin for better opportunities than were available in their small Georgia town are often called the diaspora, the scattered ones. The first alum to disappear is Captain Riley McDonough’s high school crush, Lucy Hendrickson. Riley and Daelin PD’s finest are on the case, including Dorie MacAvoy, former reporter turned liaison officer. However, Dorie’s and Ross’s pregnancy teeters precariously on viability. Will their child survive? Which alum will be abducted next? Why are they being taken? How will the police find the disappearing diaspora?
Meet Dr. Jill Boyce!!
Jill writes inspirational romantic fiction with a medical theme. Her Royal Medicine Series Book One and Two, Royally Confused, and Royally Engaged, were named as Selah Award finalists in 2022. She has also received Firebird Book Awards for several of her titles.
Her debut novels are part of the A Dose of Love series. Each story can stand alone, but all feature strong female leads facing challenging life circumstances while finding love along the way. Jill’s love of romance and her experience of losing her mother on the same day as her daughter’s birth inspired the first novel, Harte Broken. It raises the question, “What happens when the best day is also the worst one?”
Royally Confused, Book One in the Royal Medicine Series introduces Claire Thomson, the heroine physician who must discover her worth by finding out who she is and where she comes from. Jill wanted to create a contemporary world filled with classic fairy-tale characters—a knight in shining armor, an evil queen, and yes, a princess. Of course, Claire slays her own dragons and learns she comes from the one true King, her heavenly Father, who declares her worthy and loved. This series will follow the characters forward in the fictional royal world of Amorley.
Jill is a physician and mom, who loves coffee, travel, and anything glittered. She treasures spending time with her husband and children, who are her heart and greatest joy. 
A bit about Royally Married:
Dr. Claire Thomson, queen of Amorley, has banished all the dragons in her life—or so she hopes. Her wedding to Ethan Kane, the love of her life, looms on the horizon, yet unwelcome houseguests of her stepmother, Lord Chicanery of Maltenstein and his son, Hans, threaten her upcoming wedding with new obstacles.

New questions abound about the integrity of the crown and the necessity of its future. If Claire cannot prove her loyalty to Amorley and disavow her involvement in a nefarious plot to defraud the country’s coffers for personal gain, then she may have to postpone more than just her wedding. She may have to leave the life she’s come to love in her father’s homeland as Parliament calls the monarchy into question.

Dangers lurk in the castle, and if Claire’s not careful, she will lose more than her crown; she will lose her life. Will Claire and Ethan finally make it to the altar and solidify her position as queen? Can she protect the monarchy and those she loves from the evil plans of her enemies? Has time finally run out for Claire on her quest for her happily ever after?

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