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November 2022 Newsletter

Sherri Stewart
Let’s take a field trip to Bethlehem!
By far the most visited town in the Palestinian Territories, Bethlehem, is famous for being the place of Jesus Christ's birth and has been celebrated in Christmas carols and hymns through the centuries. The major tourist attraction here is the Church of the Nativity, and for anyone who has ever celebrated Christmas, it is the top place to visit.
The Church of the Nativity is one of the oldest working churches in existence today. The first Church was built by the Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD, over the grotto where Mary gave birth to Jesus.
Wondering where those shepherds watched their flocks by night? The fields around the village of Beit Sahour are widely recognized by Christian believers as the site of the Shepherd's Field in which the birth of Jesus was announced by the angels.
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If the Nazis stole your house, wouldn’t you be justified in stealing it back now that the war is over?
When Tamar Feldman admits to her husband, Daniel, and mentor, Neelie Visser, that she broke into her former home, they scold her for taking such a risk. Tamar is tired of being careful. She’s tired of living in the present, as if the past doesn’t matter. But the painting of the violin girl in her former bedroom draws her back again and again. She finally steals the painting to return it to its former owner. Now maybe this small act of justice will help Tamar to start to heal.

When Neelie sees the painting, she reveals a secret about it that will take the three of them on a quest to Amsterdam and Paris to find justice, forgiveness, and new beginnings.

What Tamar doesn’t realize is the past isn’t finished with her yet; in fact, it’s as close as the walls in her house and even follows her to Paris.
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Meet Faye Roberts
Consider for a moment - What book touched you so deeply it changed your life?
Mine would have to be the third book in a series I wrote for The Silver Cross Ranch Legacy Series. The main character, Mavis McCall, is adapted from my own mother’s experiences while serving during World War II, and the battles that continued long after she returned home and attempted to settle into the life of wife and mother.
When working on The Legacy of Mavis McCall, I was taken back to memories of my childhood. My mother served as a sergeant in the  Women’s Army Corp during World War II, and still fought battles in her head. In doing research for the book, I was drawn into the lives of other women who, like Mom, carried hard-fought and hard-won memories while the war still raged in the recesses of their minds. With the assistance of the research, I was able to look at Mom’s difficult struggles in a new light. It helped me to understand her, and I was able to finally come to peace with our relationship.
The Legacy of Mavis McCall
Faye Roberts on Goodreads
The Silver Cross Legacy Series - Imagine opening a long-forgotten trunk to find diaries written by your foremothers. Four generations of thoughts, heartaches, challenges, and triumphs. What lessons did they write inside the yellowed pages? What lessons could they give you now?
The Silver Cross Ranch Legacy weaves the lessons of history into the lives of four mothers and daughters who fight the odds, and sometimes each other, to defend their way of life. With stubborn tenacity and hard-won faith, the women learn the beauty in their differences and the power of forgiveness. Together they create hope for the future with the reassurance that each step taken during life’s rugged journey leads to a bright coming home.
As a writer, I bring the lessons of history to the modern world searching for true heroes. It’s said that the more things change, the more they remain the same. We all have the same desires, hopes and dreams as those who came before us. We want a better life for ourselves and our children. We want to belong, to matter, and to make a difference. No matter the era or the circumstances we are born into, we want strength, acceptance, and peace. The intention of my books is to bring that kind of hope to my readers.
Meet Dana Mentick

Dana Mentink is a USA TODAY and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author. She's written more than forty mystery and suspense novels for Love Inspired Suspense, Harvest House, and Poisoned Pen Press. She is honored to have received two ACFW Carol Awards, a Holt Medallion Award, and a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award. Please visit her on the web at to sign up for her newsletter, or find her on Twitter, Facebook and Bookbub.
Dana Mentink
USA Today & Publishers Weekly bestselling author
Christmas Crime Cover-UP:  
When I visited Death Valley, I was enchanted by the wild donkeys living there! It turns out they are non-natives, and they require care and sometimes relocation. I thought it’d be great fun to write a suspense novel involving these cagey critters and the people who work to rescue them. Voilà, A novel was born! I hope you enjoy it!
A violent attack isn’t the homecoming she expected.
When an ATV tries to run her down in Death Valley, animal rescuer Nora Duke knows it’s a sign she never should have returned. Now she’s stuck on Seth Castillo’s ranch until Christmas with a pregnant donkeyand a criminal desperate to silence her. Facing her past is as terrifying as uncovering a killer’s twisted plan. But can Seth convince her to stay…if they live through the holidays?

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

Desert Justice

Book 1: Framed in Death Valley
Book 2: Missing in the Desert
Book 3: Death Valley Double Cross
Book 4: Death Valley Hideout
Book 5: Christmas Crime Cover-Up
Book 6: Targeted in the Desert

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